Rememory Friday 3

January 2, 2009

Courtesy of Jen at Conversion Diary


One of the worst memories I have of Christmas preparation in years past was the tradition of wrapping the handrails in our stairwells with fake ivy. There are several reasons for my hatred of this holiday ritual. First, I was often in charge of doing the wrapping of the ivy around the railing. Second, the ivy was super scratchy and painful to the thin, sensitive skin of my young hands. Third, we had two stairwells. Last, with the handrails encased in plastic, scratchy, awful stuff, no one was able to use them. It was a security risk of serious proportions.


The best part of our home school day was when we would gather around Mom in the living room while she would read “literature” to us. The books ranged from Little House on the Prairie to Cheaper By The Dozen. We did try a few books which we ended up not finishing. One was The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew – Mom said it had too many adjectives. That was a-okay with us, since the book was pretty boring . We really wished Mom had felt the same way about The Illiad.


Most families hang their Christmas stockings on a mantle in hierarchical fashion. Well, we had that second part, but we totally disregarded the mantle. Our fireplace was made of uneven green-gray bricks with not even a hint of a nice wood mantle for stocking hanging. So we compromised – we hung our stockings on an unsuspecting wall. It seemed normal then, but now it just seems random.


My cousins Adam and Aaron had a tiny little bear when they were growing up. Adam referred to this diminutive family member as “bear” (pronounced BAY-er). He apparently had little opposable thumbs which could be made to grasp things. For each holiday, they dressed him up in corresponding little hats and coats. A green hat and shamrock jacket for St. Patrick’s Day; little Santa hats and red and white coat for Christmas. He would even carry little gifts around. Now that is what I call serious holiday decorating – I’ll bet they didn’t have any terrible ivy wrapped around their banisters.


Have I told this story already? I may have… well, if so, we will see how close I can make this second dose to the first.

When John was little, he was a complete gentleman to everyone. He was superbly polite to strangers and acted grown up most of the time. One of his parents’ favorite stories to tell about him is the time he spotted some neighbor children playing in the yard next to his. Wanting to make friends and establish new playmates, John used his sweetest, most grown up voice to get their attention. At the age of three, he called out, “Children! Children! Come play with me!”

My John didn’t need advancing years or impressive stature to call it like it was. They were, in fact, children – just probably older children than he was.


It has always been pretty important in my family to have plenty of food and drink around. To back up that claim, I will tell you that for as long as I can remember, we had a refrigerator which we referred to as the drink fridge. Since the fridge was constantly stocked with sundry tantalizing juice and soft drinks, our parents had to come up with some rules about how many cokes we were allowed to have each day (and by cokes, I mean anything carbonated, not just Coca-Cola Classic). If my memory serves, the rule was no more than one a day.

Now, before the rule was established, multiple cokes per day was common. Therefore, the rule was actually an improvement on the state of things. However, there are some who might think that this rule allowed for a bit too much extravagance where cool eats and frosty treats are concerned. I realized this one day when Ben and I happened to be chatting with a home school mom in the community and for whatever reason told her about this one-coke-a-day rule. It effectively ended the conversation – she stared us down in shock, then gave a little laugh, then walked away. And that is when I knew that we were total black sheep.


So, I guess you have noticed that Rememory Friday popped up a little late this time. But, it is still technically Friday, with two hours to spare. Suffice it to say, I have been a little slow getting back into the swing of things. Better luck next time!



  1. That’s a cute story about John (your hubby?)… I can just picture it…

    I don’t get it. About the cokes. Did people think you were weird for not having more than 1 coke a day? I think that is a great rule, lol.

    Little House On The Prairie was my favourite show growing up. In fact I bought the first 3 series about 2 years ago for my then 14 yo daughter. Her and I would cuddle up together and watch it. Lauren, my daughter, had never seen this show before, and she promptly became hooked!

  2. Great to see you again! Yes, John is my hubby – he is the greatest. And yes, the person I was thinking of was quite dismayed that we were allowed that many cokes per day. I guess it’s all relative. 🙂

    I think Little House has affected my development in a million ways. When I was growing up, I would often ask myself, “What would Laura do in this situation?” I can’t wait to share it with my kids as well – kudos to you for enjoying it with your daughter!

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