As only we can say it…

January 5, 2009

I think every family has their own way of talking and expressing themselves. You spend so much time together that you are bound to begin sounding alike. As Shannon and I have grown older, we have begun to realize how much like our mom we talk. During conversations, it is inevitable that at some point two or more of us will say the same thing at the same time, without meaning to.

Some particular phrases, jokes and remarks are just inherently a part of my family’s way of communicating. Here are a few of them – they may make zero sense to anyone else, but for us, they have all kinds of cultural and nostalgic meaning.

Great googly-moogly

Do you know how the Deheckaya Indians got their name? Because they were always saying, “Wheredeheckaya.”

Say it a few times – it’ll start to make sense. We usually parlay this joke when we are searching for our car in a large parking lot. Not sure why…

I think I’ll have the fish tonight, just for the halibut.

This one always reminds me of Dad. Probably because he laughs the loudest when it is said.


Adam once screamed this out after a mistake during an indoor tennis match. That was a great moment for me.

Well, ding on your head.

I had (have?) a tendency to brag on myself. I believe I attempted to one-up Shannon about some feat I cannot even remember anymore. The usual response to this kind of behavior was for the other person to make a halo with her hands to signify how sarcastically angelic the speaker was. Shannon must have felt that the hand motion wasn’t worth the effort and tried to express her sarcasm with only words instead. The above comment was the result.

It is now a classic.

Feeling like an egg?

I will not attempt to explain this one fully. Suffice it to say that Mom and Dad were feeling a little frisky one morning while Mom was cooking breakfast, and all three of us kids were subjected to their idea of humor.

If any other family witticisms come to mind, be sure to let me know!



  1. hahahahahaha!! I love these. All of them–stinkin’ hilarious. I would fit into your family, I think. Thanks for the introduction, by the way! I’m a big Flannery Fan.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. My family has their own weird phrases and inside jokes, too.

    Two that I can think of off the top of my head:

    “Your rabbit!”
    Invented as a stand-in insult and as proof that the most innocent thing can be made to sound dirty if said with the right intonation. See also “Your rabbit’s mother” “Your rabbit’s face” and “Your rabbit’s mother’s face.”

    “Unloved” as it relates to food
    This is passed down from my father’s family. As in “Don’t let that last roll go unloved!” — an encouragement to finish off something left on the table.

    Yeah, families are strange. And awesome.

  3. From what I have read on your blog, my family would be glad for you to fit right in! Thanks for stopping by – we certainly love Flannery fans!

  4. You never fail to crack me up, Lisa – I think “your rabbit” is absolutely awesome.

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