I married him for his luck

January 8, 2009

If you are not convinced that John is lucky by knowing that he married me, this story is sure to remove all uncertainty. He is a lucky guy.

Tony and Robin, my wonderful in-laws, had a rule in their household about video games. That rule stated quite basically that video games were not allowed. This policy caused John and Ben great frustration, but the rule was clear and immovable.

One fateful evening, John’s family went to the movies together. The movie theater just happened to be holding a drawing at that time for an item much coveted by any young boy – a Super Nintendo. Of course, every kid in the theater except John and Ben was scribbling his or her name onto multiple pieces of paper and jamming them into the drawing box in a vote-early-and-vote-often fashion.

Inevitably, John asked his dad if he could enter, and wisely, Tony told him that he could enter once. So he did. And he won.

Out of all the double dipping kids who stuffed their names into that box, John was the one whose number came up. What a lucky, lucky duck.


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