Rememory Friday 4

January 9, 2009

Courtesy of Jen at ConversionDiary

Today turned out to be a day for movie theater memories. Enjoy!


Inspector Clouseau

Inspector Clouseau

Good memories can transform mundane or ridiculous things into beautiful nostalgia, reminders that we are loved. For example, the first time that John ever put his arm around me was in a movie theater during the Steve Martin’s version of The Pink Panther. What would have otherwise been an experience I would have been glad to forget was transformed into a favorite memory.


Want to know another movie theater first for John and me? No, nothing risque – minds out of the gutter, folks. Well before we dated, during my freshman/his senior year of college, he let me wear his coat during The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (I had mine there, but wearing his was way more fun). The conversation went like this:

I get cold just looking at them,

I get cold just looking at them,

John (noticing Sarah sitting with her arms wrapped around her): Are you cold?

Sarah: No, I’m fine

(John proceeds to reach for his coat and place it over Sarah.)

Little did he know that he would be handing me his coat to wear for many years to come.


Do they really? I guess I will never know.

Do they really? I will never know.

My parents taught us kids early that it is completely okay to walk out of a movie that is a total dud. We were party to these boycotting experiences many times. I mean, Mom even pulled us out of All Dogs Go to Heaven because she said it was just too weird, and I think there might have been a scene set in hell to boot. The details are a little fuzzy, probably because we only saw ten minutes of the movie.


Hubba hubba

An example of Redford in his best years.

Women in my family have a deep-seated appreciation for movies featuring Robert Redford in his prime. The mention of his name usually results in someone patting her chest and murmuring, “Be still, my beating heart.” Even Gram has been known to be susceptible to Redford’s charms. I know this because she took most of us grandkids to see The Horse Whisperer about four times – and he was way past his best years at that point.


It wasnt this one

It wasn't this one

On the night to which John and I attribute our first real meeting, we went with several friends to see a truly awful movie. I had agreed to go with the group before knowing what the movie was, or else I probably would have backed out. However, I accompanied them anyway. John was my saving grace. He talked to me through the whole thing, much to the frustration of some others who actually wanted to hear what the characters were saying. Did I mention that I love John? I’ll have to flesh this story out more another time…


Tom Hanks = good war movie

Tom Hanks = good war movie

Dad has gone to see just about every war movie that has come out in the last fifteen years, I think. He loves their strategy, history and bravado. When Saving Private Ryan came out, there was great controversy over whether or not we kids could see it. So, always the sacrificial lamb, Dad took Uncle Mike to see it first, as a screening measure. They then agreed that we could come to see it, as long as we covered our eyes and ears when they told us to. And to this day, after seeing this movie multiple times, I still have not watched or listened to any of those forbidden parts.


Most embarrassing movie theater moment

What can I say? I was inspired.

What can I say? I was inspired.

The Nutcracker was made into a movie and came to our theater when I was young and apparently quite uninhibited. Mom took us kids to see it, but of course, no one else did – which meant that we had the movie theater completely to ourselves. Now, when you combine a wordless movie featuring ballet with an empty theater, the result is inevitable – an awkward young girl is going to dance up and down the aisle and across the front of the theater… until she realizes that other moviegoers have entered the theater unexpectedly late and are looking at her in confusion, while her family members are up in their seats and on the verge of keeling over from laughter.



  1. Oh, I was a child that would have done the same thing during the Nutcracker!

  2. I loved these 7 Quick Takes Sarah!

    We are the same… I, and my children, or when with my husband, have walked out of many a movie only ten minutes into it. I later found out, that the cinemas will refund the ticket cost in these instances. So long as you leave before the first 15 minutes (I think that is the timeframe). But that is here in Australia. Not sure about the US.

    Also, I am not being rude, but I had a chuckle when I saw the picture you had used for the Nutcracker movie. Where is the male lead’s head? It seems he has none. (Delete this part of my comment, if you are offended, please!)

  3. Pearls, no offense taken! I apparently got caught up in the beauty of the female artist and did not pay a lick of attention to the male (which is often difficult to do with ballet, actually). Makes me laugh! And yes, while I did disparage the practice of walking out a bit, I am still glad that my parents gave me an appreciation of it early. I think the refund policy is the same here as well as in Australia… I haven’t taken advantage of it, unfortunately, but I’ll let you know the next time I do!

  4. Heather – I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I was young enough to be impulsive but old enough to be mortified. Now, it is just a funny memory. Thanks for stopping by!

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