Being Saved in the 90’s

February 22, 2009

Dad loves to preach. That statement is not just a leftover from some tumultuous teenage years (I really did not have any of those, except when I was first learning to drive… that was tumultuous for all involved.) Seriously, my dad really loves to speak from the pulpit, because at his heart, he is a teacher. His sermons are the results of hours of research, study, prayer, and thought. We all enjoyed listening to Dad’s sermons, mostly because of one in particular that we had the blessing of getting to hear multiple times.

That sermon was entitled, you guessed it, “Being Saved in the 90’s”. First of all, it bears the most fun title of any other sermon I have ever heard of (unless you count Josh Harris’ messages as sermons, I guess). Second of all, since the sermon ventured into things-that-are-wrong-with-our-generation territory, Dad had to tread a fine line between being specific about cultural problems and using words that were not allowed in our house.

While making the point that there are elements of our culture that you don’t participate in if you are truly saved in the nineties, Dad gave the example of a popular movie which had just hit theaters. In order to keep his sermon G rated, he referred to this popular movie as “Beavis and… his friend”.

And we will never, ever allow him to forget.

Beavis and His Friend

Beavis and His Friend


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