Bad Sunday School

March 18, 2009

Sunday school is supposed to be a beautiful place, brimming with Bible stories and Christian lessons and, when the teacher has had a bad week, Veggie Tales. But that is not always the case. Ben and I both had some bad luck with Sunday schools at times.

There was the one Sunday that Ben’s teacher overheard some of the children in the class discussing their Christmas wishes for the fast-approaching holiday season. Whether she had been deprived of her own Christmas wishes in the past or she just had a grinch-sized portion of Christmas spirit in her is not certain. Either way, her she took the initiative to inform Ben and his classmates in no uncertain terms that there is no such thing as a Santa Claus. Ben objected, saying that his parents had told him about Santa, so he must exist. She then went further to explain that his parents must have lied to him, because Santa is definitely not real.

If she lacked Christmas spirit to begin with, I can assure you she didn’t have a whole lot of any kind of spirit left after all the parents of these kids found out about that day’s lesson.

On another occasion, several of us kids were being watched in the nursery by a girl we all knew, Nellie. I think Nellie must have been having a bad day, because she was not able to put up with our usual uproar and antics that day. Instead, she instructed all of us to sit down in a row on the floor of the nursery. Then she told us that we were not allowed to make any noise or even smile, and that if we did so much as chuckle, we would be sentenced to stand in the corner. We all tried to sit quietly, but we were super little – it just was not going to happen. I caught Nellie’s eye and laughed – that sealed my doom. She had me get up and go stand in the corner of the nursery, where I proceeded to cry miserably. I didn’t do well when I was punished for any offense, much less one that I did not understand.

Fortunately, I was still there in the corner when Mom arrived. Proof! I don’t recall Nellie ever watching us during church again, and thank goodness. If she had, I might have done something that actually merited punishment.


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