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April 14, 2009

I have good reason for not posting for a while. I am in the middle of converting some of our most treasured family home video memories to electronic files so that I can include them in future posts. However, that is taking a little while… I only recently figured out how to hook up our VCR to our TV, which is to say, I only recently messed up my attempt so badly that John stepped in and hooked up the VCR for me.

In the meantime, I thought you might find amusing some of the search terms that have led visitors to this site over the past few months. Apparently, there is not a whole lot of information on the web about Beavis and his friend

rememory definition 7 More stats
vintage littlest pet shop 4 More stats
sketches of kittens and puppies 3 More stats
beavis and butthead sketches 3 More stats
you said wood beavis 2 More stats
the littlest pet shop nineties 2 More stats
beavis and buthead 2 More stats
shannon thomas horse riding results 2 More stats
definition of rememory 2 More stats
woman horseback riding 2 More stats
old fashioned littlest pet shop 2 More stats
vintage littlest pet shop zoo 2 More stats
communion bowl 1 More stats
beavis and butthead draw paper 1 More stats
communion wafers 1 More stats
old littlest pet shop lovebirds 1 More stats
creepy pastor 1 More stats
unique cash wrap counter 1 More stats
littlest pet shop beethoven 1 More stats
iblp 1 More stats
beavis and butt-head sitting in a couch 1 More stats
creepy cabin 1 More stats
clown van wreck creepy 1 More stats
beavis y buth head 1 More stats
lovebirds what kind of food they eat 1 More stats
horse riding woman 1 More stats
most watched movoe in theater now 1 More stats
waiter wagging his finger 1 More stats
paper playset 1 More stats
lauren heinz 1 More stats
littlest pet shop water garden kitties 1 More stats
littlest pet shop room decor 1 More stats
beavis and but head turn arounds 1 More stats
communion message new year 1 More stats
girl clown costumes pictures 1 More stats
communion wafer 1 More stats
does anyone remember what the littlest p 1 More stats
nomenclature petshop 1 More stats
babies and butthead 1 More stats
funny horse riding pictures 1 More stats
beavis e buth head 1 More stats
clown’s ear 1 More stats
definition rememory 1 More stats
the blue letter sesame street 1 More stats
beavies butter 1 More stats
ice erg 1 More stats
rememory + definition 1 More stats
ladies on horseback 1 More stats
riding lessons words 1 More stats
sackloth and ashes blog


  1. Hey girl thanks for the sweet comment! We haven’t talked in forever. How are you? How has school been going? Let me know if you are going to be in the area any time soon. I miss you!

  2. Kay! Thanks for the love – I hadn’t even signed into this blog for about a month, but I just happened to do so today and saw your sweet note. I’ll definitely let you know when we’re in the area next – miss you too. Lots to talk about! Take care, babe, and keep blogging – I love reading!

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