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Go-to Gram

August 1, 2009

During their first year of marriage, when Gram and Grandpa were finishing their junior and starting their senior year at Asbury College, Grandpa was responsible for three churches every weekend. Saturday and Sunday would involve trips to each of these churches in turn to deliver the weekly sermon. Fortunately, Grandpa was able to preach the same sermon at each location, and suffice it to say, by the time he reached the third church the congregation received a real humdinger of a message. He practically had it memorized by that point.

However, as any public speaker knows, there are days when no matter how well you have practiced or how dear the material is to you, it simply does not flow. Grandpa experienced one such Sunday while preaching at church number two. He had conveyed the first point of his sermon nicely and was preparing to proceed to the second point, when he realized that he had no idea what that point was. He flipped through his Bible momentarily, then rummaged in his sermon notes, but that second sermon idea had completely slipped from him.

He then turned to the best source available, the one who accompanied him to every church, every visitation, every service. From the pulpit, he called out, “Virginia! What was my second point?”

From her seat in the congregation, Gram proudly shouted out to him the idea that had escaped him. Her attentiveness allowed him to recover and continue with his message. After all, the sermon must go on.