Share Your Own Memories

This is not just my soapbox – I welcome your input as well! Hearing others tell their childhood memories, embarrassing moments, or heartwarming stories is every bit as exciting as telling my own.

If you have a favorite memory from your childhood or a story to go along with one of my posts, I would love to hear it! There are two ways to make a submission to the blog (all submissions must be approved before they will be viewable to the public):

  1. Send me an e-mail (memoriesblogger at gmail dot com), and I will create a separate post for your story. Please be very clear about how you would like your post signed (anonymous, screen name, full name, etc.)
  2. Write your story in the submission box below, and it will then be e-mailed to me. Unless you identify yourself in the body of the message, I won’t know who you are, so please leave a name or screen name (unless anonymity is really your thing).

If you have your own blog or website, please be sure to include it in the form below so that I can link to you! And now, let’s hear it!

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